Outstanding service as usual!!!

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 9/13/2017

Great service as always!

4 A & B Automotive Repairs 9/11/2017

The best service after going through many mechanics. Every employee cares and they'll even shop around to get a better price on a part without going low on quality! A&B is great!

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 9/6/2017

Bob and his staff are good. They even read the manual for our older car! Charlotte may be operating with 8 arms, hard to tell, but she fields the in coming calls and everyone's issue as if they are her sole customer. This plus the recommendation from friends who've been doing business here for 20 years.

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 9/5/2017

I needed my brakes done and I found A&B after doing a google search. I saw the average rating was too high to be believed. They had to cherry pick their reviews right? After reading a few I decided to take a chance and stop in. I'm very glad I did. The shop wasn't even open yet, but Bob took my keys and promised to get to my car just as soon as he could. I got several updates from Charlotte which was great and my brakes were done at a very fair price. I even got an email showing everything they inspected on the vehicle that was incredibly detailed and offered advice on upcoming areas of maintenance. I really cant stress how pleasant everyone was. There was no hard sell. No fixing things that weren't broken or trying to push unnecessary repairs. The pricing was fair and I drove off almost looking forward to the time when I could have more work done. Im happy that I finally have a mechanic Im comfortable about telling my friends and family about. BELIEVE THE REVIEWS!

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 9/5/2017

A&B got me back up and running. They are great people with great customer service.

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 9/5/2017

Great courteous service. Thanks

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 9/4/2017

The only place I trust to take care of my car.

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 9/2/2017

Always a great experience with expert mechanics

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 9/1/2017

We were referred to A and B auto by our mechanic when he retired. We had our car towed to the garage. Bob checked everything out and gave us two prices, one for repairs if nothing else was wrong and two if other parts would have to be replaced. As it turned out no further parts had to be replaced and the final bill was actually a little less then the original estimate. When is the last time that happened to you? I just dropped off my truck for repairs. Thanks A & B.

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 8/22/2017