Can you say "it is always a pleasure to get your car serviced?" I can! That in itself is pretty amazing. As you walk thru the door you are greeted by Charlotte, and not only is she a delight, but she is knowledgeable, not what you normally find today. Bob and his Team have taken customer service to a whole new level.

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 7/18/2017

As always, the best work! Never do more then needs to be done and always explain each situation. If it is critical, should be done soon or can be put off a while. You will always call if you find an additional problem and inform us at the time of the call, the cost to do the work.

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 6/27/2017

As usual they did a fine and timely job.I trust only A&B to maintain my automobiles.

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 6/26/2017

Excellent customer service and mechanics! Couldn't be happier with the experience.

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 6/26/2017

I cannot say enough great things about A&B Automotive. From your first conversation with Charlotte, who seems to know everything going on there at all times, to the work done by Bob and his crew, it has always been a wonderful experience. I appreciate how the work needed is always broken down into what must be done right away to what should be done in the upcoming months. There is never any "surprises" just good old fashioned customer service, a rarity these days.

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 6/17/2017

I highly recommend A&B automotive for all of your vehicle repairs. The service is outstanding at very reasonable cost. Bob, Charlotte and techs all very knowledgeable and professional to get your car repaired right the first time and be on your way. They also guide you with preventative maintenance tips to help you avoid future costly repairs. So glad to have found A&B. They are the best around.

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 6/9/2017

Fantastic service, thank you

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 5/31/2017

Great place, everyone is extremely knowledgeable.

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 5/16/2017

Always very professional and informative. Concerned for your satisfaction Most important, timely. Complete work on or before schedule.

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 5/15/2017

Always a pleasure. A&B Auto thank you, Its great to know you are treated fairly with the experience of professional service.

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 5/12/2017