Always the best service!

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 1/20/2018

Great service. They go the extra mile to work with me.

4.5 A & B Automotive Repairs 1/13/2018

Gave the car a complete review with an honest opinion not to fix. Too many things that needed attention that it wouldn't be worth investing. Happy to know now before I started paying for repairs.

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 12/28/2017

A&B is thorough and as cost efficient as possible. Their years of experience and knowledge can't be beat. They are great at working with you and definitely explain everything going on in detail. I love their new inspection result report that shows you what is an urgent issue and what you should prepare for next. It feels like a boutique service. And what's most important is I trust them.

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 11/30/2017

High quality service at a fair price.

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 11/23/2017

Always a pleasure to go to the A&B Automotive, great place for all our cars.

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 11/15/2017

A&B Automotive is all about providing you with the best customer service experience you will ever have - based upon honesty, expertise and fairness, when it comes to maintaining and repairing your car. It is a pleasure working with such kind, qualified and dedicated people who take such pride in their work. Bob sets a great example for his team through his forth rightfulness and honesty. The Service Advisor, Charlotte, researched and prioritized every aspect of work to be performed on my car - then focused on the most efficient/cost effective means to acquire parts and schedule all work to be performed.

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 11/12/2017

Able to get an appointment for repairs the next day. Notified about necessary repairs, cost, and how long it would take to complete. Also given notice of future repairs needed. Bob and his automotive staff do quality work. Can't find a better and more qualified Service Advisor than Charlotte. Would not go to any other shop to have work done on my car.

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 11/7/2017

I like that the mechanics do a thorough inspection of my vehicles and let me know about problems before they become expensive. A little bit of maintenance now sure does save you a lot of cash later :-)

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 11/6/2017

Always gets the job done. Glad I found them.

5 A & B Automotive Repairs 11/3/2017